How to Draw a Horse Head

This is a cute horse head that you can learn to draw easily. Follow each of the 4 steps and voila! You know how to draw a horse head.

Keep practicing! Pretty soon you will be adding your own details in the drawing making the picture more of your own design.

Step 1
Draw a pear shaped figure as shown in the example. Draw the pear as big as you want the horse head to be.

Step 2
Add a squiggly line in a half moon shape to form the nose. Draw the nostrils. Add the lips on the muzzle.

Step 3
Draw crooked triangles for the ears. Add two or three triangles for the forelock. Add the eye.

Step 4
Draw zig zags at the top of the neck for the mane. Draw in the lower portion of the neck.

Complete any details that you would like to add. For example, you could shade around the muzzle & eye and blacken the mane & forelock and your horse is bay color. Or, you could draw lines in the mane and forelock to add contrast. Use your imagination!

Now you know how to draw a horse head!

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