Citqa and Crombie.

by Megan Marie Eckert, From

Crombie(White) Citqa(Black)

Crombie(White) Citqa(Black)

This Mare Is a gorgeous black, full spirited mustang. She has a heart the size of the universe and the personality all her own. She is very spunky. I will run along the side of the fence and she will run with me. I am currently training this brown eyed beauty.She is smart,beautiful,charming,and breath taking. My heart melts even if i think about her. She will always have a spot in my heart.

Crombie,is Citqa's companion.He is a beautiful white stallion with a harsh but sweet personality. When you call his name he teases you by walking up to you then darting away. He plays a game when riding,he is a retired dressage horse and likes to side walk on you and shake his head. But he is great with kids,very well mannered reining horse,i do barrel racing,jumping and reining with him. I love these horses to death and we soon have a little Citqa, Crombie filly on the way. Her name will be Jewel.

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