Horse Coloring Pages

Here they are.....coloring pages of our favorite companions.....HORSES!

Below are free printable horse pictures that you can color.

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Heavenly Dream Horse - What an angel! This cute heavenly horse is enjoying her cloud.

Click here to print page -- Heavenly Dream Horse

Pony Express! The pony express was a fast mail service across the North American continent in 1860 and 1961. Horseback riders would deliver messages across the country from the Atlantic to the Pacific. After you color this picture, where will you send your pony express!

Click here to print page -- Pony Express

What a cute baby horse! A baby horse is called a foal. Girls are called fillys and boys are called colts. This foal has a heart-shaped marking on her forehead. What forehead markings have you seen on other foals?

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This mare likes to run in the pasture! Horses love to be in the pasture. They graze all day long, nap and play--especially the young ones. The next time you drive by a pasture, stop and watch the horses for a while. They are sure to entertain you!

Click here to print page -- Horse Running in Pasture

This horse is really thirsty! Horses can drink a lot--especially when they have been working or running around. Sometimes you think they are thirsty and you take them for a drink. But you know what they say--you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink!

Click here to print page -- Horse Drinking

This Quarter Horse is looking pretty for the judge at the horse show! Judges look at many things when judging a horse in a show. They see how pretty the horse is, they watch how the horse moves, they look at the horse's muscles, and they look at the horse's bones to see how they are put together. Each exhibitor tries to win the blue ribbon!

Click here to print page -- The Quarter Horse

This is my little pony, Lula. She's the cutest pony in the world. Well, at least we think so! Lula likes to eat. She will try to eat anything close to her when we ride. If she gets out of her stall she goes straight to the grass. If we come to pet her, she wants a treat!

Click here to print page -- My Little Pony Lula

We hope you enjoy coloring these pictures. Bookmark this page on your computer so you can come back as we update our site with more printable horse coloring pictures.

Have fun coloring horse pages!

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