Horse Face Markings

Horse face markings come in many shapes and sizes. Each facial marking is unique to each horse. Horses are born with their unique facial marking and the markings don't change throughout their lives.

Take a look at the markings defined below and then take the Horse Marking is harder than you would think!

Any marking on the forehead is considered a star. Stars can be any shape--even a heart!

A snip is any marking between the nostrils. Usually the marking is vertical (up and down). It can be disconnected from other markings.

A long vertical (up and down) marking running down from the forehead to the nose is a strip.

Star & Strip
A marking on the forehead and a vertical marking running from the forehead down to the nose. The star and strip do not have to be connected.

Star, Strip & Snip
A marking on the forehead, a vertical marking running from the forehead down to the nose and the strip expanding between the nostrils (making the snip).

A blaze is a wider strip.

Bald Face
A bald face is a wide blaze that extends to or past one or both eyes, down the face and can also extend to or over one or both nostrils

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