Horse Names

What's in a name? Everything!

If you are lucky enough to be a proud new horse owner you are probably scratching your head right now trying to think of new horse names. Most horses come with a name, usually related to their lineage, but do you really like it? Or are you looking for a 'pet' name that is good to use for everyday?

Here are a couple tips to help you come up with that perfect name for your horse. For ease of reading, we'll pretend we're naming a boy horse (colt, gelding or stallion).

Observe your horse when he's in his stall. What are his characteristics? Does he sleep a lot? Does he nibble all day? Does he fight with the other horses? Does he try to make friends with people?

What's his personality like? Is he macho? Is he sweet? A pushover? Sassy? Pig-headed? Mean?

What color is your horse and what does the color remind you of? Caramel? Snow? Midnight?

What type of markings does your horse have? A blaze? A diamond or heart? A stripe? Does the shape of the marking remind you of anything? We recently saw a filly with a white heart on her forehead. How cute is that?!

Does the horse remind you of an animal? Is he fast? Pokey? Nimble? Jumpy? We had a horse with a roman nose--he looked exactly like a moose!

What is the size of your horse? Is he tall? Compact? Short?

How does your horse act? Is he clumsy? Surefooted? Spooky? Calm?

What's his mental state like? Smart? Cunning? Clever? Is he a troublemaker?

Are there any foreign words that represent any of the above characteristics? For example, 'Cheval' is horse in French.

Think of phrases that you like, for example: One-eyed Pete, In a New York Minute, and Runnin' on Empty.

Make a list of all the adjectives that describe the attributes of your horse. Ask your friends what words come to mind when they think of your horse.

Think of the words that are appealing to you as well. Are you partial to action words like smokin'? Or are you partial to descriptive words, like beauty or fancy?

Start combining words. Pretty soon you will have a few favorites. Share your favorite new horse names with your friends to narrow it down to the one!

Favorite Horse Names

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Favorite Horse Names
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Hot Sauce
from Shelly in Bolivia

Coco...because it is the same as chocolate!!!!
from Eleanor in France

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