How to Draw A Horse

Would you like to learn how to draw a horse? Here is a fun, easy horse drawing to practice that we got from our friend (thanks friend!). Follow each of the 5 steps and enjoy the result.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Pretty soon you will be adding your own details in the drawing making the picture more your own.

Step 1
Draw a pear shaped figure. Draw a line down from the bottom of the pear (this will be the neck and front leg of the horse).
Step 2
Draw a line for the back, around the rump, and down half the back leg. Add the top half of the front right leg, the line along the bottom of the stomach, and the top half of the back legs. Add a circle around the muzzle. Add the ears.
Step 3
Add the bottom halves of the legs. Put a little feathering at the bottom of the legs (to give a hairy look).
Step 4
Add a leaf shape on the forehead for the forelock. Add zig-zag lines at the top of the neck for the mane. Add the tail. Add hooves.
Step 5
Complete the details. Add a line inside the ears. Add the nostrils, smile, and eye. Put a short shadow line in the neck area. Color in the forelock, mane, tail and hooves.

Now add spots, color or anything else you would like to add to customize your drawing. You're done! Now you know how to draw horses!

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