Show Bling

Number Magnets

Number Magnets are a convenient and fashionable way to attach your exhibitor number to your show clothes. Never rip your show clothes again!

All are handmade with Swarovski crystals for maximum sparkle in the ring. They are SS48 size (10.9 by 11.3 mm) which is about dime size. They are available in various colors of Swarovsky crystal.

Imagine the impression you will make as you ride through the in-gate!

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These are very strong magnets should be used carefully under the following guidelines:

Directions for use:
Slide magnets to get apart and carefully apply.
Do not let magnets snap directly together.

1. Magnets are powerful and can pinch skin.
2. Never let magnets/crystals snap directly together or to other surfaces as they may chip and small pieces may scatter.
3. Keep magnets away from all metal and electronic devices, such as pace makers, computers, credit cards, T.V.'s, etc.
4. Magnets could be a choking hazard. Keep away from small children and pets.
Do not use magnets other than intended. Use magnets at your own risk.